Working Place:
Key Words:
  ·IT, Electronics,Net
  ·Machine manufacturing
  ·Fast,Durable consumer goods
  ·Construction and Engineering
  ·Corporate Consultation
  Personnel Agency
  ·Labour Dispatch
  ·Talent Dispatch Sercice
  ·Clerk Employment
  ·Personnel Agency
  ·HR Management Outsourcing

   Since its establishment in 2003 Wealth has recommended many candidates for famous enterprises. Wealth respectively set up its offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Luoyang and Taiwan, etc., aiming at building a bridge for more enterprises and candidates. Meanwhile in 2009 Wealth has an honor to be the talent development service agency appointed by Torch Management Committee of Xiamen Economic Center. the corporation sets in Xiamen and faces towards the world, having provided service and contributions to talents and economic construction. The enterprises we serviced are more than 1,800, labour dispatch over 10,000, recommending for remote mountain and undeveloped ares 40,000. Wealth adheres to the principles that "Providing high quality services for andidates and students and never ask a penny" and " Helping enterprises deal with being short of talents and lead them to success".
    Wealth provides services for fast developing large-scale enterprises with professional, focusing and concentrating idea, whose business covers senior headhunting service, labour dispatch, personnel outsourcing, personnel agency and related talent service, consulting and talent evaluation.

Our business:
1 High-tech: IT, telecommunication, electronics, network,etc.
2 Manufacturing: a. machine manufacturing, electromechanics and heavy industry
                            b. fast-moving consumer goods(FMCG), durable consumer goods, foodstuff and beverage, etc.
3 Real estate: real estate development, construction and project,etc.
4 Consulting: personal consulting, corporate consulting, etc.
5 Personnel field: labour dispatch, personnel agency, personnel outsourcing

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Address: Room 304, Kingtop Building B (Second Stage Building, Software Zone), No.1819, Lvling Road, Siming Distrtict, Xiamen City TEL:0592-5111002 Hotline:4000-321-580 Wells Xiamen Human Resource Management Co., Ltd. E-mail: Congratulations Wells housewarming Technical support: Xiamen Peng You
维尔斯(Weshr)公司是2003年在新加坡成立,2006年初在中国厦门设立厦门维尔斯人力资源管理有限公司,并作为集团公司总部所在地. 维尔斯公司拥有中国猎头行业内一流的中高端精英动态人才库的猎头运营机构,独资创建了多家中国知名的多层次人才收录网站—— 厦门猎头网、福建猎头网、 广东猎头网 www.gdlietou.com及人事代理网 www.xmlw.net等知名并具备一定影响力的网站