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Talent Dispatch Sercice

    Talent dispatch (also called talent lease) is a new type of employing mode which originates in developed countries. It is the expansion and stretch of the personnel agent system. The essence is talent transaction which is accomplished by agencies and enterprises through contract. This new employment mode shows a great superiority in labor allocation. 
Dispatch personnel labor relations:

The characteristic of talent dispatch:

    1. Meeting labor demands.
    2. Flexible demands for employment. 
    3. Avoiding labor dispute.
Basic Mode:
    1. According to the specific requirements the agency will recruit talents and launch training before being employed.
    2. The enterprise, agency and employee will respectively sign contract with each other to ensure the three parties bear the related right, liability and obligation.
    3. After dispatch the agency takes responsibility of related personnel management such as compensation, welfare treatment, personnel files, social insurance, etc.
    4. The way of dispatch is flexible. It includes the whole lease and partial agency. The positions are various.
    1. For society: Talent dispatch puts labor resource to the market, which breaks the imbalance of labor distribution and eases the contradict of supply and demand. 
    2. For enterprise: Talent dispatch can easily avoid personnel management abuse, labor dispute, save management cost and fully enjoy added value.
    3. For employee: Talent dispatch provides more working opportunities and lower cost.
Transaction procedure:
    1. The enterprise provides its business license, positions and name list.
    2. Signing the contract of talent dispatch.
    3. Physical examination and training for employees.
    4. The enterprise and Wealth respectively sign contract with employees.
Wealth Talent Dispatch:
    Wealth HR Management Co., Ltd is a professional talent agency, which adopts an advanced talent management mode that sets the claim of talent and management apart through colleting and releasing talent information, training and talent dispatch, etc.
   “Norm management, professional service and training, and the “employer” dispatch” ensures Wealth to forge a good brand. Its customers cover finance, construction, real estate, IT, commerce, service industry, and manufacturing. Wealth has already dispatched over 10,000 talents for famous enterprises.
      Wealth has been adhering to the principle: Respecting for Knowledge, People Oriented, Credit First and Service Foremost, winning customers by high quality service and forging image by its credibility.
      We extend our warm welcome to the employing units for the establishment of labour cooperation with us as well as the offers of precious advices. We are going to have an active cooperation with them in business to get a greater development.

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