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Labour Dispatch

What is agent employment?
    Agent employment provides entire solutions which can be used in the process of employment, namely, integrating all employment channels, providing ample resumes and a package of employment services. Especially when demanding a good number of employees, covering varieties of positions and in an urgent situation, the enterprise can commission the agency to deal with it. The purpose of Wealth agent employment is “to promote employment efficiency and low the cost”.
What can agent employment solve?
    1.When spending too much on advertising, an enterprise can hardly get a satisfied result.
    2.Received too many resumes but can not find out a proper one.
    3.Invested too much on selecting and interviewing talents, but none is suitable.
    4.In urgent demands but can hardly integrate varieties of employment channels or lower the cost.
The strength of agent employment:

The content of the agent employment:
    1. Providing suitable resumes.
    2. Providing an entire employment solution: colleting resumes, communicating with related talents, conforming candidates and recommending to the enterprise.
    3. Building up and maintaining the talent bank. 
The agent employment applies to:

    1. The company who wants to recruit the suitable talent by means of a professional agency.
    2. The company who intends to outsource its employment.
    3. The new born company who hasn’t owned a professional HR section.
    4. Meeting the urgent demands of employment which can hardly be done by HR section of the company.
    5. Owning to be short of professional HR knowledge and the resource of human relations, the company needs assistance from outside.
The employment channels:
    1. The resource of talent bank 
    2. The resource of newspaper  
    3. The resource of human relations 
    4. Advertisement 
    5. Cooperation with schools 
    6. Employment meeting

The difference between agent employment and headhunting:
    1. Different object 
    2. Different circulation
    3. Different expense standard
    4. Different expense mode 
    5. Different service content.

About the contract of agent employment.
    1. Fill in the consignment agreement.
    2. The expense standard of the agent employment. 
    3. The junction of collecting expense---- candidates entering the interview. 
    4. When Party A terminates the probation, Part A shall, within two days, deliver the employment notice in written form to Part B by means of fax or email. Part B shall notice the candidate to be on board. 
    5. Provided that if Part A, within the time limit (one month), fails to employ the candidate who becomes recommended by Part B, the contract shall become continuous or terminated by both Part A and Part B. Part B may return the reservation money for consignment to Part A.    
    6. Part B shall keep contact and communicate with candidates at regular intervals. If, after the interview by Part A within six months, Part A, without the approval of Part A, puts the candidate on board, the candidate shall become regarded as successful recommendation. Part A shall pay consignment fee to Part A. 
The agent employment has a probation period?
    On account of short circulation and low price the agent employment also provides no hazard and no cost service, therefore the agent employment can hardly provide probation. If you can’t accept it without probation, we’ll recommend headhunting to you.
Agent Employment Service Procedures:
Customer service flow:
    1.The customer makes quest and provides position information such as position, the responsibility, related qualification, welfare treatment, etc. Fill in the polling table
    2.The section of agent employment will introduce our service flow, procedures and the quote.
    3.Signing the contract. The consigner shall pay 50% of contract price for advance money to the consignee.
    4.Wealth will start its hunting work according to the provisions of the contract.
    5.Providing the list of candidates and appraisal reports to the related section.
    6.Arranging an interview and going on with the following work.
    7.When employing the candidate, consigner shall pay the rest of contract price without seven days.
The inner working flow:
    1.Doing an analysis on the position;
    2.Analyzing the working condition with current market, especially the compensation condition, etc.
    3.Selecting and providing most suitable talents;
    4.Interviewing and further selecting talents;
    5.To do a background survey, making sure the information correct;
    6.Sending confidential report and confirming advice to the customers;
    7.Making an arrangement for interview according to customers’ request, and continuing with the following work.
Service principles:
    1.Keeping confidence for customers and keeping the career safety of recommended people.
    2.Never hunting talents from our customers within a certain time.
    3.Never accepting the projects of which we’re uncertain and whose current condition can hardly change for a long time.
    4.After successful recommendation we will still keep in good touch with candidates till they can play important role in the enterprise.
Service Introduction:
    1.The enterprise may provide business license (or legal entity certificate) copies.
    2.The service is just valid to the customer, and fails to be transferred.
    3. If the welfare treatment provided by the enterprise fails to conform to the contract or attachment the enterprise shall be liable for the consequence.
    4. The service is valid within the contract period.
Why choose Wealth?
Wel-known brand
     Wealth was approved by government as a HR company, who was established in Singapore in 2003. In early 2006 Wealth moved into China and set its headquarter in Xiamen. In the same year it set up its offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Luoyang and Taiwan etc. Wealth reached strategic partnership with several HR agencies in Silicon Valley and was appointed as talent service agency by Central Torch Committee. It has made a good contribution to economic constructions. The agency has ranked the top 20 Chinese Human Resource agencies among thousands of peers in 2009 for its strength and influence.
Mature Employment Channel:
    Professional employment team --- providing professional and agile consignment service.
    Owning a bulky talent bank  --- You can find any talent.
    Advanced talent assessing system --- professional consultants and scientific assessing system.  
Resource strength                                                 
    1. Owning five websites. 
    2. Having built a platform with over 60 schools.   
    3.  Strong back-end supporting platform.  
Product strength
    Norm administration makes sure your information is confidential and secure. 24 hours hotline service provides you with varieties of consulting.
Profession strength:
    We own a high efficient team. The recommendation consultants can do an accurate and professional analysis about recommended positions with their professional knowledge. They can work out a suitable plan on the basis of customer’s requirements. 
    1.Employment: According to the provided information consultants will orient and select talents from aspects of business ability, personality, acting character, professional skills, working experience, etc.
    2. Simplifying the flow:
    What an enterprise needs to do is making request and confirming talents. The middle processes are avoided and done by us.
    3. High efficiency and low cost:
    The varieties of set services which Wealth recommends will help enterprises lower the cost and promote efficiency.
Expense standard:
    According to the specific service the expense standard is different. But the basic principle for Wealth is that the expense is never higher than the cost of business done by itself.
    Payment in advance. After our appraisal we shall sign the contract with the customer who may pay the partial or whole consignment fee at the day.
Please consult us for the specific fee.  
Service Introduction:
    1.The enterprise may provide business license (or legal entity certificate) copies.
    2.The service is just valid to the customer, and fails to be transferred.
    3. If the welfare treatment provided by the enterprise fails to conform to the contract or attachment the enterprise shall be liable for the consequence.
    4. The service is valid within contract period.
    Wealth has been adhering to the principle: Respecting for Knowledge, People Oriented, Credit First and Service Foremost, winning customers by high quality service and forging image by its credibility.
    We extend our warm welcome to the employing units for the establishment of labour cooperation with us as well as the offers of precious advices. We are going to have an active cooperation with them in business to get a greater development.

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