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Corporate Consultation

     It’s wired to find that a man spends less time in selecting job, which maybe determines his whole life than he buying clothes.
     Nobody thinks he has made a wrong decision, because nobody would like to such a decision that’s negative to him. The reason why they made wrong decisions is that they don’t know how to choose. Many people can hardly know which job is most suitable to him, so they begin to change jobs all the time, hoping to find out what they really want to do, but after years they are still confused.
    If you want to own a career consultant to help you solve the problem please contract with us.
    If you would like to keep in touch with consultants during your career development please contract with us.
Career planning and consulting:
*Helping to make personal career target.
*Working out a characteristic developing plan.
*Helping to know career assessment.
*Solving the current career problems, and finding out the potential reason.
*Assessing career target, making clear personal advantage and disadvantage and working out acting plan.
*Helping to solve working pressure and overwhelming the suffering of unemployment and career shifting.
*Helping to grasp interview tactics.
*Helping to learn career planning method.

Service Flow:
     Personal consulting service flow: To know the career planning flow and method—> To know the career consultant—> Telephoning with consultant and introducing basic requirements —> Making an appointment and filling in basic information questionnaire —> To do related assessments —> According to the progress the consultant surveys the flow —> The consultant will contract with customer after each process —> Working out a plan —> Perfect after sale service. 

Our career planning adopts the mature plan from American career consulting bureau. The whole plan has seven processes which will be accomplished in a month. It covers self researching, experience retrospection, homework, talent assessment, etc.
What will you do in this plan? 
1. Making career goal which is very important at the beginning of career.
2. Self assessment which covers self interest, strength, character, knowledge, IQ, EQ, etc.
3. Chance assessment. When making a career plan one should do an analysis on conditions.
4. Choosing a career: One must consider whether his character, interest and strength will match with the career when choosing a career.
5.  Career orientation.
6. Working out career goal. The career goal is the core of career planning which should be made on the basis of personal ability, character, interest and conditions.
7. Specific plans and steps.
8. Appraisal and feedback. If wanting the career planning effective one should appraise and modify the plan during the process.

Helping you solve the problems:
Who am I? What work is most suitable for me to do? In what condition can I motivate my potence?
Where does the career confusion come from? What is my career like?
Do I need to do my dreaming work or adjust a little my current work?
Am I apt to establish a business by myself? What resource have I got? How to maintain?
What job do I dream of?  What is my real interest and strength?



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