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What is talent assessment?
    Talent assessment is a scientific method of talent selection, which is based on psychology, management, surveying, behavioral science and computer science and can comprehensively assess a talent’s ability, personality and development potential and the like. According to the requirements of positions and enterprise organization characteristics, talent assessment can conduct objective, overall and deep understanding and assessment and provide references for enterprise recruitment, talent selection, talent training, and in the meanwhile, provide consultation for personal development.  

What kinds of practical problems can talent assessment solve? 
*Make the recruitment more scientific and effective
*Make personnel evaluation more objective and fair
*Make personnel training more pertinent
*Make human resource arrangement more reasonable
*Make personal career development more perfect.

What’s the using range of talent assessment?
Talent assessment technology can be used for recruitment of national public servants, selection; evaluation and assessment of leaders in Party and government organizations; selection, evaluation and training of advanced managers; selection and training of special professional personnels and selection, evaluation of the whole leadership. Talent assessment not only can assess and evaluate a person comprehensively, but also can assess a personnel’s certain ability. 

Why does an enterprise need talent assessment?
The emphasis of today’s social economy competition is the competition of technology and talents. In order to win in the complicated and severe market competition, enterprises must perform reasonable development and scientific management of enterprise’s human recourses. Talent assessment is the right basis of human recourses’ development and management. What kinds of qualities of enterprise’s staff are worth developing? What kinds of qualities should be developed optimally? Whether the development forms are scientific? And how about the effect of development is? How to judge whether development of certain qualities achieve the expected standards? All these questions can be answered by talent assessment.

What are objects of talent assessment for enterprises?
Objects of talent assessment include all staffs, managers, special technical personnels, business personnels and common employees. All these need evaluation through scientific assessment method. However, different assessment objectives employ different assessment methods, according to different requirements of qualities.

Why does selection of business personnels need talent assessment?
Business personnels, such as financial personnels, accountants and salesman, and the like, whether they can do well in their own jobs closely relates to the development of the whole enterprise. Talent assessment not only can assess their professional level, but also can judge whether they are suitable for their jobs according to the characteristics of their abilities and personalities, and also provide ground for the optimum combination of enterprise’s staffs. Therefore, selection of business personnels also needs talent assessment. 

What functions does talent assessment to the employment of common staffs?
By talent assessment, personalities, interests and specialties of each staff can be found and reasonably combined. They can be arranged to proper positions, which not only can play their potentials maximally, enhance working effectiveness, but also can coordinate staff’s personal relationships, thereby achieving the purpose of easy management. Moreover, according to the results of talent assessment, training plans for each staff can be made pertinently; therefore, enterprise’s training can achieve better results.

What are the technical methods of talent assessment? 
there are many ways to do talent assessment, such as psychological tests, written examination, interviews, evaluation center technology, system simulation and artificial intelligence specialists system and the like, wherein psychological tests, written examination and interviews are used popularly. In practical, proper assessment ways can be used according to requirements.
Are there any limitations of talent assessment?
Talent assessment can provide information about personal ability, personalities and behaviors, but there is still certain limitations caused by the fact that human being is a “polyhedron”, which is affected and restrained by social environment, cultural background, value concepts and physiological characteristics. Therefore, it is difficult to correctly assess all-round qualities, especially for certain qualities, such as ideological quality, which is hard measured by assessment. As a science, talent assessment develops to now, it is still not mature and needs to be continually developed and explored. Therefore, when using results of talent assessment, other information must be referred and thereby obtaining correct and objective conclusions. With the quick development of science technology and market requirements, talent assessment technology will become mature gradually.
Talent assessment can help assessor form correct self-assessment, understand their advantages and disadvantages, make best use of one’s advantages and bypass one’s disadvantages. Combining one’s ability structure and interests, a talent can choose suitable profession. A talent can be fully used, only when the job is suitable for him. 

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